OKI 44469704 C331 Yellow 2000pag.


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C300, C310, C310DN, C311, C330, C330DN, C331DN, C500, C510, C510DN, C511, C511DN, C530, C530DN, C531DN, MC351, MC351DN, MC352, MDC352DN, MC361, MC362, MC361DN, MC362DN, MC561, MC561DN, MC562, MC562DNC530 Toner – Yellow ‘Y’ 2k – for use with OKI C530 Colour LED Printer. All Consumable life cycle’s are MANUFACTURER ESTIMATES based on 5% per page coverage. Recycling program In an effort to improve our environmental responsibilities OKI Printing Solutions have developed a consumables returns programme to allow free return of used consumables.

Paginaopbrengst 2000 pagina’s
Printtechnologie Laser
Merkcompatibiliteit OKI
Compatibele producten C310, C330, C331, C510, C530, C511, C531, MC351, MC361, MC352, MC362, MC561, MC562
Printkleuren Geel
Soort Cartridge
Aantal 1
Breedte van de verpakking 30 cm
Diepte van de doos 5,6 cm
Hoogte van de verpakking 5,2 cm
Gewicht pakket 200g